Day of Anger (1967)

Starring: Lee Van Cleef, Giuliano Gemma, Walter Rilla & Christa Linder Directed by: Tonino Valerii Synopsis: Giuliano Gemma plays street cleaner Scott Mary, relentlessly bullied by the people of the small...

Lee Van Cleef, Giuliano Gemma, Walter Rilla & Christa Linder
Directed by: Tonino Valerii

Giuliano Gemma plays street cleaner Scott Mary, relentlessly bullied by the people of the small town of Clifton.  When legendarily ruthless master gunfighter Frank Talby (Van Cleef) rides into town, Scott seizes the opportunity to lift himself out of the gutter, and possibly even surpass Talby’s own skills.  But what is Talby doing in Clifton in the first place?

Arrow Films release of Day of Anger is presented in its original aspect of 2.35:1, encoded with an MPEG-4 AVC 1080p transfer.  What’s unique about this release from Arrow is that they include two versions of this film:

– Italian release, I giorni dell’ira, English dubbed and Italian (Longer length)
– International version of this film on an English track (Shorter length)

Both versions hail about the same transfer.  Getting into the technical aspects of my viewing experience across both versions, contrast levels are stable and settle as well as natural vibrancy and color palettes throughout the film is eye catching.  The film is consistent on sharpening details, whether they are close-ups or medium-shots of characters, finely detailed all the way down to their clothing.  There are a few minor blemishes here and there but not enough to overpower the visual pleasure of this film.  I really enjoy Arrow’s releases because they take care of their titles with proper care and this one is another release to add to their books.


Day of Anger comes with three standard audio tracks:

-English LPCM 1.0 (Italian version)
-Italian LPCM 1.0 (Italian version)
-English LPCM 1.0 (International version)

The audio across the Italian version of the film is very settle and at times I had to adjust the volume to understand the dialogue.  Very few pops can be heard during phases of high frequencies but not enough to overpower the score in this film.  There are a few out of sync issues with dialogue but can safely say that there are no audio dropouts in this film.  Treated well and handled with care, Arrow delivers once again.



  • Brand new restoration from the original 35mm Techniscope camera negative
  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentation of both versions of the film: the original Italian theatrical release, and the shortened version that was screened internationally
  • Original uncompressed mono audio, with English or Italian soundtracks on the longer cut and an English soundtrack on the shorter one
  • Newly translated English subtitles for Italian audio and optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing for English audio
  • Brand new interview with screenwriter Ernesto Gastaldi
  • Brand new interview with Tonino Valerii’s biographer Roberto Curti
  • Previously unreleased 2008 interview with Tonino Valerii
  • Deleted scene
  • US, European and TV Trailers
  • Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Reinhard Kleist
  • Booklet featuring new writing on the film by Howard Hughes (author of Spaghetti Westerns), illustrated in full color throughout.

Closing thoughts:
I’ve been waiting for a release of Day of Anger on blu-ray for quite sometime and to have heard Arrow Films was releasing this title, had me very excited.  This release exceeded all of my expectations and the fact that it comes with both versions of this film is the cream of the crop.  The transfer of this film all the way down to it’s packaging is superb and honestly was well worth the wait.  If you are a fan of spaghetti westerns like I am, this is a must own release and a classic!

Technical specifications:


Production release: Sancrosiap Productions
Video release: Arrow Films

Number of discs: 3
Region Free
Runtime: 114 minutes
Case: Standard clear amaray case
Release date: March 31, 2015

Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
Resolution: 1080p
Video codec: MPEG-4 AVC

English: LPCM Mono
Italian: LPCM Mono
International: LPCM Mono (English)

Yes (English)


To purchase this film or any other Arrow Films merchandise visit:

Day of Anger: Purchase Link

Retail: $29.96


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