Harry & Son (1984)

Starring: Paul Newman, Robby Benson, Ellen Barkin & Joanne Woodward Directed by: Paul Newman Synposis: Harry & Son director Paul Newman stars as Harry Keach, a widowed, blue collar, by-...


Starring: Paul Newman, Robby Benson, Ellen Barkin & Joanne Woodward
Directed by: Paul Newman

Harry & Son director Paul Newman stars as Harry Keach, a widowed, blue collar, by- the book contruction worker whose less-than-ideal relationship with his sensitive, daydreaming son, Howard sets the story in motion.  Frustrated by Howard’s inability to take life seriously, Harry is soon confronted by his own mortality when an on-the-job accident offers him an opportunity to re-evaluate his life and shortcomings.

Harry & Son has as very modest tone transfer.  The film is single-layered and has settle tones of textures and colors throughout the film.  The film looks great in 1080p and noticeably has sharper images when you are seen outside shots as well as close-ups of the actors.  The colors are bright and appealing to the eye and Olives Films respectfully fulfilled my expectations of the transfer to this film. The blu-ray is a definite upgrade to its SD predecessor and should not be overlooked if you are a fan of this film.


Using a DTS-HD master 2.0 channel at 1561 kbps, Olive films does an exceptional job on the audio front.  The film has a lossless audio transfer that doesn’t take away from the conversations between the characters as well as the effects of the destruction scenes throughout the film.  The soundtrack to this film is scored by Henry Mancini, better known for his work on Charade and a slew of other well known titles.


Unfortunately there are no supplements to the film.  I would have like to have seen a commentary track or a trailer for this release, but beggars can’t be choosers.  Also there aren’t any subtitles for this film for audiences that have partially impaired hearing.

Closing Thoughts:
Olive Films has impressed me with this release.  This film has always been a childhood favorite of mine and to experience it in 1080p HD is a dream.  Paul Newman does an exceptional job acting in this drama and directing this film.  This film is not for everyone, but be aware that it takes you on an emotional rollercoaster.  This film is mainly depicted on the Newman’s relationship with his son and the struggles of getting through life without his loved one.  A very emotional and riveting film and I was glad to be able to re-watch with the utmost pleasure.  Thank you Olive Films!

Technical specifications:


Production release: Orion Pictures
Video release: Olive Films

Number of discs: 1
Region ‘A’ locked
Runtime: 104 minutes
Chapters: 8
Case: Standard amaray case
Release date: April 28, 2015

Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Resolution: 1080p
Video codec: MPEG-4 AVC Video

DTS-HD Master Audio English 1561 kbps 2.0



To purchase this film or any other Arrow Films merchandise visit: www.olivefilms.com

Harry & Son: Purchase Link

Retail: $21.99

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