Hamburger Hill (1987)

Starring: Anthony Barrile, Michael Boatman, Don Cheadle & Dylan McDermott. Directed by: John Irvin Synopsis: The men of Bravo Company are facing a battle that’s all uphill..up Hamburger Hill....

Hamburger Hill (1)

Starring: Anthony Barrile, Michael Boatman, Don Cheadle & Dylan McDermott.
Directed by: John Irvin

The men of Bravo Company are facing a battle that’s all uphill..up Hamburger Hill. Fourteen war-weary soldiers are battling for a mud-covered mound of earth so named because it chews up soldiers like chopped meat. They are fighting for their country, their fellow soldiers and their lives. War is hell, but this is worse. HAMBURGER HILL tells it the way it really was. It’s raw, gritty and total unrelenting dramatic depiction of one of the fiercest battles of America’s bloodiest war. Dodge the gunfire. Get caught behind enemy lines. Go into battle beside the brave young men who fought and died. Feel the desperation and futility. This happened. HAMBURGER HILL- war at its worst, men at their best.

Presented in 1.78:1 aspect ratio in a 1080p transfer, the film shows very fine detail, noticeable grain and inconsistent digital noise through darker images of the film. I felt that this film could have been handled better than it was for the release. I’ve seen better image quality from a picture filmed in the 40’s. Lush colors are present in day time images while the soldiers are scavenging through the Vietnam jungle.  Scratches and dirt are present in minimal scenes and are very noticeable to the viewing eye.  What I thought was positive of my viewing experience of this film, in my opinion was the shakiness of the image when explosions were present.  It really brings out the reality of the film. Overall the film transfer again could have been handled properly and was left 50/50 on the transfer.


The DTS-HD Audio Master 5.1 was the positive part of the transfer. The heavy sounds of artillery, gunshots and explosions were very clear and crisp.  Vocal dialogue and environmental sounds were on point and brought my viewing experience to another level. I have no complaints whatsoever on the audio end of this film and should be experienced at its highest level for the full viewing experience.



-Audio Commentary with Actors and Writer/Producer
-Hamburger Hill: The Appearance of Reality
-Medics in Vietnam

Closing thoughts:
This film is one of the underrated gems that depicts on the war of Vietnam and I highly recommend it for those that haven’t seen this film. Many films have been put on top of this film such as: Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, The Thin Red Line & Saving Private Ryan, but this still hails as one of the best war films depicting on one of the bloodiest wars in history. Aside from the mediocre transfer of this film and the outstanding audio, this film is still worth a watch and critics will not be disappointed by the film itself.

Technical specifications:


Production release: RKO Pictures
Video release: Lionsgate Films

Number of discs: 1
Region A
Runtime: 110 minutes
Case: Standard amaray case
Release date: October 18, 2016

Aspect ratio: 1.78:1
Video codec: MPEG-4 AVC

DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1



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